Breastfeeding and Nursing Clothing - Do we need them?

Breastfeeding and Nursing Clothing - Do we need them?

Just a general on-line discussion about the benefits of purchasing breastfeeding/nursing clothing:-)

QN: Why is it necessary to buy specialised clothing for breastfeeding?

As a mother myself, I'm very cost conscious about spending on un-necessary things. Pregnancy bills relating to doctor visits, vitamins, nursing pumps and all the baby products needed can sky-rocket if you are not careful.  For a thrifty mum like myself, I was wearing baggy loose-fitting Tshirts (most from my hubby) for as long as possible.  Seeing the recommendation from my girlfriend who highly praised the working nursing tshirt, I decided to buy just one only - just to try it out. 

Here is why I found them useful:-)

1. When relatives come to visit the baby, it seems I am always in the middle of breastfeeding the baby!  Malaysians don't generally care if you are nursing - they will still barge in your room and visit anyway. As a very shy person, I was not happy about relatives seeing me partially naked (even though breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world) - I don't like it when my mother-in-law comments on my boobies!

2. Breastfeeding in public places like shopping centres can be handy with a proper discreet nursing tshirt. Major shopping places like JUSCO have friendly nursing rooms, but we are still amongst strangers (other mums) so I prefer to have a discreet nursing top to cover my skin as much as possible:-)

Word of Advice - Try to get a Maternity-Nursing Top (2-in-1 Feature). Pregnancy clothing does not last long but breastfeeding clothing can last as long as 2 years if you intend to nurse your babies for a bit longer.  Find a good versatile design that you can convert to normal clothing. Most people pack away their pregnancy clothes after the baby is born, but I think its a waste. Some good designs can be worn by just adding a cute belt!